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Lee DeWyze at RiversEdge Park

Photo by @Lilbarb01 on Twitter

Lee DeWyze and 10,000 Maniacs will play RiverEdge Park in Aurora this holiday weekend!

If you are looking for some great music events over the holiday weekend you can head out to Aurora Illinois and catch Lee DeWyze and 10,000 Maniacs on July 5th!

Gates will open at 7 pm. get all the details HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze will join with “The Lake in the Hills Rotary Club” on July 11th as part of their 4 day fundraiser “Rockin Ribfest”

Rotary is a civic organization of business and professional people who raise funding for their local charities, families in need and scholarships. All proceeds from this festival will go towards helping others in the community.

Located just an hour outside of Chicago this awesome charitable event featuring good food, a barbecue cook-off, entertainment and a car show is sure to draw festival goers from all over the region.

To learn more please go HERE»<

Lee will be performing Friday, July 11th at 9 pm…..Don’t miss this great cause!

Lee DeWyze plays his hometown for Charity! (Chicago Auto Show)

Lee DeWyze loves his home turf of Chicago and he loves playing for charitable causes so it’s of no surprise that the Chicago Auto Show’s ‘First Look For Charity" event this year featured his guest performance.

This annual event raises over 2 million dollars for 18 local charities. Learn more about “First Look For Charity” HERE»>

The black tie event was held on February 7th at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Take a listen to these YouTube Video’s posted by jkk2489 HERE»>

Wagon Wheel (Cover)

Fire Away (Clip)

Stay Away

Breathing In

Beautiful Like You (Live It Up Album)


Lee DeWyze plays the Chicago Auto Show’s “First Look For Charity” tonight in Chicago!

Photo by @DeWyzeFan6 on Twitter

Enter to Win Tickets to see Lee DeWyze in Chicago November 18th!

Enter for your chance to see Lee DeWyze LIVE from the new Blue Cross Blue Shield Performance Stage November 18 in downtown Chicago! 

Go HERE for your chance to win at CBS Chicago!

Lee DeWyze plays Lincoln Hall in Chicago through the lens of Ashley Quinn Reitz (@Garpods22)

Enjoy these awesome pics! A Big Thank you to @Garpods22 or sharing!

See her entire album HERE

Working from the heart….Hometown fans organize to spread the word of Lee DeWyze’s Chicago area shows!

Lee DeWyze will be heading back to his old stomping grounds this summer and some local fans have gotten together to spread the word.

I want to share this story with you. A story of what the amazing fans from Lee’s hometown and surrounding area’s do behind the scenes because…. well, simply put, they humble me. Rarely do people know the work and dedication that is happening quietly behind the tweets and the posts but today I want to shine some light on these homegrown fans and their unwavering belief in Lee and love for his music 

Hometown shows are notably well attended and I would look for these live performances in July and Augist in the Chicago area to be no exception to the past so as a fyi you will want to grab your tickets before they sell out!

Get show tickets HERE by linking from the official website!

(Daily Herald gives back page attention to DeWyze’s local show schedule. Photo by @Val_Ann)

Spearheaded by Annie (@DeWyzeFan6) and Pam (@Magical_Lee) whom are longtime fans back from the start of American Idol Season 9, these gals have gotten back page press from Mount Prospects local paper,The Daily Herald, as well as hit the streets putting up flyers and leaving info cards throughout the area that were designed and printed by Annie (@DeWyzeFan6) who is professionally a graphic designer.

(Lee DeWyze Summer Show Flyer designed by Annie Ess)

With the help of some friends these posters are proudly displayed in store windows throughout the area!

(The local paint store where Lee worked in younger years proudly desplays a regional poster)

And if that isn’t enough this same pair joined by additional fans can be found on July 26th and 27th at the Mount Prospect “Block Party” where they have hosted a “LEE DEWYZE INFO TABLE” for the past two years. The table has info cards on Lee’s upcoming shows and music releases and for fun they have a life size cut out of Lee DeWyze for people to take their photo’s with. If you are in the area to attend Lee’s  Evanston SPACE show on the 28th I suggest you stop down at the Mount Prospect Block Party and follow the Lee music that will surely be blasting from their table.

(Last years fan volunteer group at MP Block Party)

Oh…and one more thing….to make fans coming to the show feel more at home in their neighborhood, Annie (@DeWyzeFan6) and Pam (@Magical_Lee) will be holding a no-host "Fan Party" before the Evanston shows on July 28th.

Get all the info HERE and be sure to RSVP

Lee’s Chicago Regional Show Info (Daily Herald)

• July 28: Evanston’s Space features Dewyze in two concerts — an acoustic show at 7 p.m. and a full band performance at 9 p.m. General admission tickets are $20. Tables range from $36 to $46. Space is at 1245 Chicago Ave., Evanston. Call (847) 492-8860 or go

• Aug. 10: DeWyze will sing the national anthem and then play ball in the celebrity game at Wiffle for a Diffle, retired Chicago Cub Kerry Wood’s Wiffle Ball Classic at Wrigley Field. The Wood Family Foundation event begins at 10 a.m. Tickets are $8 to $15. Go

• Aug. 25: DeWyze is opening for Canadian artist Serena Ryder at Lincoln Hall, 2424 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago. Tickets are $15. Call (773) 525-2501 or go to


So, that’s the story I wanted to share today. And to you awesome fans in the Chicago area (I know I don’t know the names of many who help out so please leave a comment)  I give you a LONG SLOW CLAP and A BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! 


More “Lee DeWyze Live” Video’s from Oak Street Beach, Chicago

Lee DeWyze was in Chicago this past weekend cleaning up beaches with the Surfrider Foundation and performing at the Barefoot Wine sponsored event at Oak Street Beach.

Take a listen to the video’s below

New Single, Silver Lining by DeWyzeFan6b HERE

Like I Do by Pamicable HERE

Annabelle by  Horses 756 HERE

Breathing In by DeFwyzefan6b HERE

Don’t Be Afraid by Horses756 HERE

Lee DeWyze performs a beautiful acoustic rendition of “Bedroom Door” at at the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project at Oak Street Beach in Chicago on Saturday. Take a listen…..

Video by wizznah on YouTube HERE

Lee DeWyze performs his new single “Silver Lining” on WGN Chicago

While in Chicago to perform and take part in the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project with the Surfrider Foundation, Lee DeWyze stopped by the WGN studios to perform his new single “Silver Lining”….take a listen HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze talks to the KCAA 1050AM Morning Show about the upcoming Beach Rescue Project that will kick off this weekend in Chicago,

Lee will be performing as well as helping with the cleanup.

Take a listen for more info.

Lee DeWyze sneak peeks his new record by performing a new tune, Don’t Be Afraid

Since the days of Season 9 of American Idol, Lee DeWyze has been greeted by his hometown fans with warmth and affection for their native son. Such was the case Friday night when DeWyze played at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire to a standing room only crowd.

Earlier this month an official press release from DeWyze’s label Vanguard Records announced that a new single “Silver Lining” would be released followed by a new record this summer. With links to an acoustic in-studio video of the new track as well as a recorded studio version, Silver Lining was met with positive reviews from both fans and critics. The recorded track on Vanguards SoundCloud playlist has garnered over 25,000 listens with the YouTube in-studio video closing in on ten thousand views in a little more than a week.

With his new single in tow DeWyze took the stage at Viper Alley Friday night with another peek at his record for the hometown fans who helped earn him the Idol crown just three years ago. The new track titled “Don’t Be Afraid" continues to show the lyrical strength in his new music which is all penned by DeWyze with collaborations with well known industry favorites such as Toby Gad, Drew Pearson, Jim Scott, Matthew Wilder and Phil Allen.

Take a listen to Don’t Be Afraid” captured by Kelly Peet on YouTube HERE…..I think you are going to love it….we did.!!


News: “Lee DeWyze boasts new album, new label and a return to Viper Alley” (Kathleen Danes, Daily Herald)

Lee DeWyze is headed back to his home turf of Chicago and this week he spoke with Kathleen Danes from the Daily Herald about his new music and returning home to play at the trendy Viper Alley in Lincolnshire.

Read the Daily Herald HERE or click below:

Windy City Live, Nina Knows recommends Lee DeWyze at Viper Alley Friday April 19th (Video)

Read Windy City Live HERE or click below:

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