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Lee DeWyze at RiversEdge Park

Photo by @Lilbarb01 on Twitter

Lee DeWyze rocks new tunes from his album “FRAMES” at the Old Port Festival in Portland Maine!

Photo via @lalalalalashton on Twitter

Lee DeWyze shares his new video FIGHT with a heartfelt message

Lee DeWyze wrote a song called “FIGHT” that is the current single from his new album Frames. The songs first lines say “I wrote this song to make you feel alright today. I wrote it to make everything alright…” and in that same spirit DeWyze took to his Twitter account to explain to his fans why he made an adorable and whimsical video to accompany his inspiring song.

See his message and video below….

From: Lee DeWyze

My friend and I, made a music video ourselves. In an ever competitive, and quickly changing industry, we wanted to make something new,something different, something special. So we decided to make this video.

We wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before like this. Something that can put a smile on your face, and make you want to tap your feet.

Something that shows that you don’t need anything but a creative idea, and the drive to do something with it.

So we made this video for my new single Fight, I hope you like it..

.And share with everyone you think may like it as well.

This is my new music video, for my single “Fight”

Learn more about Lee and his tour dates at and follow him on Twitter at @LeeDeWyze HERE»>

Friend and fellow Lee DeWyze fan, Michael Mowery, shares his collage from the concert at Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore,PA via Twitter.

Follow Michael on Twitter as he also is the talent behind Lee’s wife, actress and model, Jonna Walsh’s support page!

You can find that HERE»>

The support page follows Jonna’s busy career and gives you up to date information on her upcoming television roles plus her current campaigns such as a very cool new “Keds Braveheart Campaign” you will find her in with Taylor Swift:

Learn about all this and more by going HERE»>

AND….don’t forget to say hi to @mwmowery on Twitter!

Lee DeWyze played the Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, Pennsylvania tonight through the lens of @MattDamonsNo1Fan (Shelly)

Thanks for these awesome pics shared via Twitter!

Lee DeWyze plays the Iridium in New York!

Photo collage by @mwmowery on Twitter

Lee DeWyze plays the Chicago Auto Show’s “First Look For Charity” tonight in Chicago!

Photo by @DeWyzeFan6 on Twitter

Lee DeWyze talks rebrth after American

Lee DeWyze talks about his fans, new album “Frames” and more in this interview.

Lee DeWyze: ” I have an amazing fan base…”

Lee DeWyze credits a fan base he calls “unmatched” to getting the word out about his music and his new album in this interview at Acoustic Nation recently…..

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Check out Lee DeWyze’s message to the #Familee via @DeWyzeFan6 on Instagram!
This video was taken at the show in Madison last night. Link above to Instagram!

Lee DeWyze stopped by the Mix 106.1 radio station in Philadelphia yesterday to play a few tunes from his new album, Frames. Take a listen to a few excepts from the visit! 

Video via Mix 106.1 Live Stream

Lee DeWyze answers a fan question at LIVE IN THE VINEYARD on Saturday. Go HERE to the Live in the Vineyard on Facebook to watch the interview!

Lee DeWyze joins Toad the Wet Sprocket at Keswick Theater in November!

The Keswick Theatre is a privately owned theater in the Keswick Village section of Glenside, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. On November 9th The Keswick Theater will be holding the “Toad the Wet Sprocket" show with opening artist Lee DeWyze.

What The Keswick Theater says about Lee:


"Vanguard Recording Artist, Midwest born and bred singer/songwriter Lee DeWyze has built a great national fan base and is enjoying great reviews and success with his current CD release, Frames. Lee DeWyze became a household name as the winner of American Idol season 9! Today he holds court for his rabid fans when he gets on stage as a duo or band!" (The Keswick Theater)

Fans can go HERE or click below for more info and ticket information! 

Fans show their love and support with personal reviews of Lee DeWyze’s new album “FRAMES” (Part One)

I would be remiss if I did not post something about the amazing fan support for Lee and his new album Frames. Several fans have posted unique and personal reviews and though granted some may claim they are bias I tend to be of the mindset that they are far more understanding of the music. After all this is a career they follow, and an artist they know. This is music that touches them in a way other music may not and speaks to their soul and pulls at their heartstrings. Overstating? Don’t believe me? Keep reading…..


The first review I want to share is by the “Musical Sentiments" blog written by our friend we know as @YoyoSassy on the SNS site Twitter. This review tells the story leading up to "Frames" with a creative and well written narrative. In Part Two I will be sharing the beautiful visual review on Song Bird Designs by artist Jenn Harding with narrative by fellow Lee DeWyze fan, Mare and insights by Danielle. 

The Musical Sentiment’s review of “Frames” will send you back to your stereo to listen to the tracks again and again with a true feeling of understanding the “journey”.

"DeWyze has been laboring for the last year and a half writing his NEW album“Frames” released on Vanguard Records on August 20th. As stated in recent interviews, the writing process began before he was signed to Vanguard. As he waited for the stars to align, he just let the creative juices flow organically. During this time fans encouraged and supported him, waiting patiently for the release of an album that was 100% him. Lee has often referred to his fans as the “fuel” of this engine. It just goes to show that positive voices speak louder than negative ones and belief is a vehicle that drives passionate dreams.” (Musical Sentiments)

Read the full review “A LABOR OF LOVE” HERE or click below:



Part Two to come! Watch for Song Bird Designs visual review!!

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