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Lee DeWyze and wife, Jonna Walsh DeWyze attend the American Idol Finale at Nokia Theater in LA

Photo by Jonna Walsh on Instagram

Want to see Lee DeWyze on the XFACTOR Finale? Join Lee Fans by signing the Petition!

Go HERE or click below to sign the petition letting the folks at “XFACTOR” know you would like to see Lee DeWyze perform on the finale!

(Hollywood News) Lee DeWyze Opens Up About American Idol

More Lee DeWyze news on the American Idol Season 10 Finale “snub” and the Twitter debate with Nigel Lythgoe in the

Read it HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze News from “Popeater” (Behind the Finale Snub)

Read it HERE or click below:

…what you say and do defines who you are as a person. I think people should have a very good idea of who I am. (Lee DeWyze,THR)

Lee DeWyze spoke with Shelly Halperin from The Hollywood Reporter about the recent AI Season 10 Finale Debate. Read the exclusive interview HERE or click below:

My favorite TWEET of the day (Lee DeWyze)

My favorite Tweet of the Day also brings to mind my favorite Shakespearean Play “Much Ado About Nothing.

In the play that was later made into a movie in 1993 the plot was about two pairs of lovers with the emphasis being on “noting”

"The plot of Much Ado About Nothing centers on a lot of hubbub over little misunderstandings; there’s a whole lot of fuss about stuff that ultimately isn’t that important.

For the bigger issues in the play, though, we turn to the fact that, in Shakespeare’s day, “nothing” was often pronounced the same way as “noting.” The play is built around the process of “noting,” which has myriad meanings. It can mean “to take notice of” something, to eavesdrop, to observe, or to write something down – but these notings aren’t necessarily accurate. A person can misunderstand a meaning, or mishear, or misreport something, in the process of noting too.” ~from 

I think what has transpired this week with the American Idol Finale has had the “first blush” of utter disrespect and lack of appreciation but in the end may simply be a “noting” that has resulted in “Much Ado About Nothing” I was glad Lee tweeted his “side of the story” today and I agreed with everything he said.

I also think Lee DeWyze is trying to clear up how he viewed what happened by his tweet today and tell you that though he was not asked to be a part of Idol Finale, he would have enjoyed it very much but he did not feel jumping in at the last moment was appropriate, or even fair to Scotty McCreery in his moment.  Again, I tend to agree.

That said maybe it’s time to say “Thank you” to American Idol for the “start” it has given Lee and to move our focus as fans on to more important things in the near future such as TOUR!!!!!!!

We can not change what has happened and as fans all we can do is decide where we go from here. It is up to you as an individual and a viewer to decide if American Idol is the show you want to fill your evenings watching. No one will force you to turn on FOX or to vote. You control that. If you truly are tired of their voting methods and glitzy over produced Finale’s then just don’t watch it. It’s that simple and losing viewers will mean more to American Idol producers than nasty tweets and comments ever could. There are other good shows to watch and more coming on air all the time. By fall you will have not only American Idol and The Voice but you will have Simon Cowells, XFactor. 

On a personal note I have never been a huge fan of the show American Idol. I have been a fan of some of their contestants but I have philosophical differences with the way they conduct the voting and for me American Idol has become so “POP-PY” that it is almost an obstacle for artist who use that platform as a means to get ahead. I have read over and over where artist after being on American Idol have said they had the hurdle of proving themselves within the music industry because American Idol was so non respected for serious musicians. It may be better but that truly has never changed. The bottom line for me is that I am truly a fan of  good music (all venues) and great artist….not television shows. 

It is very obvious to me that American Idol Season 9 is the current Idol executives “throw away” season. It was Simon Cowell’s last year, it has changed it’s platform and has a new producer and all but one of the judges has left. They really have not done much to promote Lee DeWyze nor Crystal Bowersox and my “back yard” opinion is that they really just don’t care. The NEW American Idol began with Season 10. 

They will tell you that their ratings went up over-all but I wonder if they noticed that when Lee fans boycotted their show on Tuesday night this week the ratings went down and in fact “Dancing with the Stars” beat them out for the number one position for the first time in Idol history. When Lee DeWye tweeted to fans he would be attending the Finale on Wednesday night the ratings went back up. I believe that coupled with the fact that the American Idol Finale had super stars such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce on stage was what made the difference and can you really compare last nights entertainment to last years? I think not.

So it is, what it is and at the end of the day it’s really up to you the viewer and its unfortunate but honestly I believe it is “Much Ado about Nothing”…there are just more important things for us to worry about.

Take a look at todays tweet: (Click Here or below)

Lee DeWyze, always a gentleman and a classy guy! (Idol Red Carpet)

After being looked over to perform at the American Idol Season 10 Finale between Scotty McCreery (17) and Lauren Alaina (16) and after a day of “Twitter” outrage by his loyal fans, Lee DeWyze appeared relaxed and looking dapper on the Idol Red Carpet. The former “Idol Champ” was accompanied by his “Sweet Serendipity” music video co-star, the 26 year old actress, Jonna Walsh.

The singer and songwriter will launch his post Idol new begginings with a US headliner tour which will kick off on June 19th in Columbus, Ohio. This is a tour you will not want to miss:

June 19: The Basement, Columbus, Ohio
June 20: Old Rock House, St. Louis, Mo.
June 22: Varsity, Minneapolis, Minn.
June 23: Union Terrace, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisc.
June 24: Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisc.
June 25: Davis Park, Rockford, Ill.
June 27: Musica, Akron, Ohio
June 28: Altar Bar, Pittsburgh, Penn.
June 29: Gramercy Theatre, New York, N.Y.
June 30: Alive at Five, Stamford, Conn.
July 1: Brighton Music Hall, Boston, Mass.

July 21: Simons Estes Amphitheatre, Des Moines, Iowa 

Photo by Getty Images HERE»>

"Lee DeWyze Shunned by American Idol. Well thats just all kinds of rude" (

"What? Is he not country enough?"

Read the article HERE or click below:

Chris Medina…..he’ll be OK without ‘Idol.’ In fact, judging by how they have treated their winner, Lee DeWyze, he may be better off!~Ashley’s reality Roundup (Blog News)

"Ashley’s Reality Roundup" speaks out on Lee DeWyze,American Idol, Season 10 Finale and Chris Medina. Read the blog HERE or click below:

American Idol S10 Finale News (Idol Chatter,Bill Pinella) “If anyone is dissing anyone then Idol is dissing Lee”.

Read the Press Democrat, Idol Chatter (Bill Pinella) HERE or click below:

"It’s all about money, not loyalty" (Lee DeWyze not invited to American Idol 10 Finale)

Read HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze will not perform on Idol Finale: “I’m not the biggest fan of Lee DeWyze, but this is one of the crappiest stunts they have ever pulled”~The Dam Nation

Blogger’s and Press pick up their pens in support of Lee DeWyze…”Shame on you, American Idol”.

Read “The Dam Nation" on the American Idol Season 10 Finale HERE or click below:

The Current American Idol Champ, Lee DeWyze not to perform at Idol Finale….the kinder, gentler Idol?? (Lyndsey Parker,Yahoo Music)

Read Lyndsey Parker’s blog (reality Rocks) today and her thoughts about the current champ, Lee DeWyze not being asked to perform on Season 10 finale of American Idol.

Read Yahoo Music Blog, Reality RocksHERE»> or click below:

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