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"I’m gonna need the new album to be like this. I can stand behind that." (Rocco’s Pop Revolution)

Rocco is excited about Lee DeWyze’s new music that he debuted at Viper Alley on Saturday night to a sold out crowd and she wrote a humorous review on the Pop Revolution….you can read it HERE or click below:

News: Lee DeWyze gets a “thumbs up” on his new “do” and new song cover (Rocco’s Pop Revolution)

Click HERE to read Rocco’s Pop Revolution or click below to link:

Rocco’s Pop Revolution has fun with the “Bears” and Lee DeWyze!

As most of you know the witty blogger at “Rocco’s Pop Revolution” coined Lee DeWyze “Lee Bear” quite some time ago so you can imagine her delight in seeing the photo of Lee in a panda bear tee with his new pup, Bear!

Read the article HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze had a TP (Twitter Party) last night and Rocco’s Pop Revolution recapped it….with humor, of course!

If you missed Lee DeWyze’s Twitter Party with fans last night on Twitter you can catch the highlights in a funny recap by Rocco on “Rocco’s Pop Revolution”.

She write’s this with her wit and it’s FUN…. so go HERE or click below:

For a full recap transcribed by @LadyBug_55 go HERE»> 

THANK YOU @LadyBug_55!! 

Rocco’s Pop Revolution is celebrating her One Year Anniversary!


Rocco’s Pop Revolution is a regular blogger about Lee DeWyze information and she is FUNNY to boot! Today is her one year anniversary so run on over HERE and wish her years of added success and while you are there take a look at the poem written by our Twitter friend @Leebear5 to Rocco for her blog anniversary. It’s awesome! =))

These are great Lee Fans so help support them!

I feel like “Esperanza Spalding” when she beat out Justin Bieber to win the “Best New Artist” Grammy today because I MADE ROCCO LOL! :D

A few days ago Lee DeWyze posted this picture on YFrog with him feeding the Camels at the San Diego Zoo: (definitely a cute Lee moment, right?)

Since I had spent some time around Camels and Llamas during my son’s 4H fair days in Coos County Oregon, my mind immediately went to memories of these cute “spitting” animals….. similar to this:

And I have to be honest and admit that thinking about that sweet picture of Lee feeding the camel possibly turning into a big Camel “loggie” had me doing this:

So when Lee tweeted today that he may be coming down with a cold my sinister mind went back to that mental spitting camel picture, thus my tweet:

 @LeeDeWyze This is what happens when you hang at the zoo kissin camels! *lol

I honestly did feel bad about the possibility of  Lee coming down with a cold but I was still chuckling over that dang camel picture…little did I know Rocco over at Rocco’s Pop Revolution blog was chucking too!

Clearly, Rocco is the FUNNIEST Pop Blogger around so making Rocco laugh is without question the highest of compliments to this beanie wearing dog! 

Read Rocco’s post below:

Lee D. Has The Sniffles & Everyone Else Plays Florence Nightingale

Posted by: Rocco on: February 24, 2011

Do you see what I just did?? I made a joke about Lee D. needing some health advice and turned fans into nurses from the 19th century.

Do they give out awards for bringing in random historical figures into pop culture blogs?? When do I get my award?? I should get one.

Anyway… when Lee D. chirps at me.. I listen… and then I give out awards to the best response to his tweet, because you people deserve awards. You have the best responses. I could sit there for 20 minutes and never come up with anything as clever as you all do. I just never respond to anything.

So.. here we go:

Lee D. has a cold and he’s not happy with his immune system right now: (That reminds me… I wanna ask him what his favorite body system is… I’m gonna guess he’ll say muscular system because he’s sucking up to the Jersey Shore producers.)

(I like that picture by the way. Brooding. Nice.)

And the best response in the world goes too Red Beanie Blog.

I almost spit out my H2O with that one. Funny shit. Literally LOL’ed.

Never has the common cold been funnier. I told him camels spit and guess what’s in that saliva?? Camel germs… even Aladdin got the sniffles. It happens.

Go HERE to read the rest of the post»>

While you are there check out Rocco’s Blog for all the wit and humor you can stand surrounding your favorite celebrities and shows such as Lee DeWyze, Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber, Jersey Shores, Oprah, Adele, Britney and many, many more!

Seriously, she’s GREAT and she made me feel like a GRAMMY WINNER today!


~Red Beanie

I am giving “Rocco’s Pop Revolution Blog” a “Hell Yeah, High 5”

Rocco’s Pop Revolution is a “Must Read” On Lee DeWyze

Follow Rocco on Twitter here»»>

Follow the Blog here»»>

Here is an Excerpt from this FUNNY Blogger:

Lee D. Back In Chicago (Without Oprah) & What He’ll Do In St. Louis

Posted by: Rocco on: November 30, 2010

I just had the most amazing, completely fake fantasy. What if Oprah and Gayle were looking for something to do on November 29th in Chicago and they thought “hey … let’s go to the Hard Rock Cafe!”?? I can just picture Oprah and Gayle eating wings/burgers (without Stedman) listening to Lee bear.

Again, that wasn’t even close to the reality of last night (as far as I know)… but I just thought that would be really superb if that happened.

This Lee guy is good! Just like my burger. YUM YUM YUM!

Here are a few more videos from Hard Rock Cafe last night (without a guest appearance from the Op)

Story of the ‘Belles’….. “Annabelle” and “Isabelle” are definitely BFFs. And they should probably call him back.

THE MASH UP AGAIN! The songs go so perfectly together somehow…. and I don’t even think they are in the same key, but I guess that’s the beauty of it, and why he is a songwriter, and I’m not. But I bet I write better blogs than he does. (ZING!)

And finally he performs his song about sleep again. I was starting to think he turned against the bed and was an insomniac. Which would have been dumb. And not at all good for his health.


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