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Check out this great article about Lee and his album FRAMES in TapSongz. Lee DeWyze is the featured artist review for June!

Read it HERE»>—-lee-dewyze

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus and ‘Blackbird Song’ artist, Lee DeWyze share some love via Twitter!

Lee DeWyze recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his new tune for the AMC hit series “The Walking Dead” in an in-depth interview. The song, “Blackbird Song" debuted during this season’s episode 13 and was an instant fan favorite.

Covering the THR interview WET PAINT reported that Lee pointed to three main characters that he identified with in the series and called himself more of a “Daryl type”


The above mentioned articles prompted some love between the Walking Dead star Norman Reedus who plays Daryl and the songwriter via Twitter:

" Thank U! Beautiful Song!" tweeted Reedus.

"Hey man glad you like , love the show! Thanks for the inspiration…huge fan!” replied DeWyze.

Check out Blackbird Song on Itunes HERE»>

Lee DeWyze talks “Blackbird Song” and much more with The Hollywood Reporter (Interview)

Lee DeWyze talks with The Hollywood Reporter recently about his placement of “Blackbird Song” in the AMC hit series The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead placement came after a string of other DeWyze written tunes were heard on shows such as the CW’s The Hart of Dixie, Reign and ABC’s Nashville. 

While garnering a name for songwriting, Lee tells THR about teaming up with Andrew Golden, a graphic artist with Nickelodeon to co-write and produce a video for his single Fight which features origami dolls that bare a striking resemblance to Lee and his wife, actress Jonna Walsh!

Read this and more in The Hollywood Reporter HERE»> or click anywhere below to link:


Lee DeWyze with Mario Lopez this morning in the studio!
Be sure and see his interview and performance on April 1 on Extra!

Picture by @LeeDeWyze on Twitter

90.5 “STUDIO A REPLAY” features Lee DeWyze! Take a listen!!

Lee DeWyze dropped by NPR’s 90.5 WCBE in Central Ohio last summer and you can take a listen to that Studio A Session HERE or click anywhere below. You can hear great performances of Silver Lining, Fight, Like I Do plus hear his interview about his new album Frames! Take a listen»>

Note: This is one of my favorite acoustic performances of “Like I Do”! Amazing!!

Lee DeWyze feature in the Fairfax Times A&E today promoting his Monday, March 24th show at Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia.

Read the interview HERE»>

Get tickets to Jammin Java Here»>

Photo from JamminJavamei on Instagram Here»

Lee DeWyze chats with Pavlina of “Pavlina’s Kidz Place” at The Fort Lauderdale Live Music Festival.

Pavlina Kidz Place airs on radio stations throughout Florida and beyond. 

Video from PavlinaMusic HERE on YouTube

Lee DeWyze talks about the meaning of “Frames”

Take a listen to the title track song performed in the Sun King Studio…..

Video by WTTSFM

Frames by Lee DeWyze (Studio Performance)

Oh my heart is getting heavier
Heavier than I ever thought it should                                                              

And for a while I believed that I was Superman but I misunderstood

That you could chase me down ‘cause you know how 
I wanna feel like what we had was good
But now my heart is growing heavier
Heavier than I ever thought it should

Well in this empty space I can’t replace
The overwhelming memory of your face

But in this hall of empty picture frames
I wish I never even knew
Halls of empty picture frames                                                                      

Who knew the heartache they could do

Halls of empty picture frames, I wish I never even knew your name

Sleepless nights I’m terrified, I wonder if I’ll ever leave this place
Oh and I’ll lay here awake my dear
In case you ever need a place to stay
Well I know that this is just a song
But maybe it will reach your ear someday
We both know I messed it up, now suck it up 
Live and learn to love another way

Oh easier is said than done, my heart is growing heavy anyway
Well it’s better to have loved than lost, at least that’s what the lonely people say

And I feel alone alone, I told you so
And time and time again I let it go
But if you never had a broken heart then there’s no way in hell you’ll ever know

Oh my heart is growing heavier now
Heavier than I ever thought it could
Oh My heart is growing heavier now
 than I ever thought it should

My heart is growing heavier
Now heavier than I ever thought it could
Well my heart is growing heavier now
Heavier than I ever thought it could
Ever thought it could

Heavier than I ever thought it could

Well I’ve feel alone, I told you so
And time and time again I let it go
Well if you never had a broken heart then there’s no way in hell you’ll ever know


Lee DeWyze talks about his musical inspirations and journey (Acoustic Nation Interview)

Lee DeWyze sat down to talk to editor Laura Whitmore at Acoustic Nation recently to talk about his new album, Frames, the writing process, American Idol and his early journey into music in this video below.

Lee recalls his childhood memory of experiencing music through his Dad’s guitar and sites Cat Steven’s album “Tea for the Tillerman” as one of the greatest albums written to date and the music that inspired his journey. 

Cat Stevens “Miles from Now

Lee DeWyze: ” I have an amazing fan base…”

Lee DeWyze credits a fan base he calls “unmatched” to getting the word out about his music and his new album in this interview at Acoustic Nation recently…..

Lee DeWyze plays “Don’t Be Afraid” at the Acoustic Nation studio.

Below Lee talks about his new album, American Idol, touring and his fans in this exclusive video…..


Lee DeWyze plays a beautiful acoustic rendition of his title track “Frames”

Below Lee talks about the recording of his new album Frames……

An Exclusive Interview with Lee DeWyze (Broward Palm Beach New Times)

Fort Lauderdale Festival News

Read the exclusive interview with the New Times HERE or click below

Lee DeWyze stops by the WJCU887 Radio Station in Cleveland this morning!

Photo from instagram HERE

Lee DeWyze answers a fan question at LIVE IN THE VINEYARD on Saturday. Go HERE to the Live in the Vineyard on Facebook to watch the interview!

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