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Lee DeWyze performs a set of new music on AXS Live! (HD Video by Mj’s Big Blog)

Last night Lee DeWyze was in the AXS Studio’s performing new music from his new album FRAMES that will be released on August 20th.

Mj’s Big Blog captured this HD video of his performance. You can go HERE to see the article and video’s on Mj’s Big Blog.

All video by Mj on Youtube


Silver Lining

Lee DeWyze’s return to American Idol in the News!

This morning via Twitter Lee DeWyze announced he would be returning to the stage of American Idol on Thursday to debut his new single, Silver Lining.

Below are some of the media that picked up the story: (Click the link above or the screenshot to read the articles)

Read USA Today Idol Chatter HERE or click below

Read Matt Carter HERE or click below

Read The Daily Herald HERE or click below

Read Mj’s Big Blog HERE or click below

Read The Hollywood Reporter/Idol Worship HERE or click below

(Media Coverage) Lee DeWyze signs with Vanguard Records

Yesterday Lee DeWyze announced he has inked a deal with Vanguard Records and shared that fans will be hearing a new single and album from Lee in the near future.

Many of the media has been graciously spreading his good news and to make it a bit easier for you below you will find links to some of the articles about Lee and his recent news with Vanguard. 

Please click the link or the capture below to link accordingly:

IDOL CHATTER/New York Dispatch (Mark Franklin)

Yahoo Music/Reality Rocks by Lyndsay Parker


Mj’s Big Blog

Kristen Coachman

Regator Blogs/Only the Best Blogs

Check back often for more label news!! ~Beanie 

Wonderful Hallmark Home and Family performance video from Mj’s Big Blog on Youtube!!

Watch it on YouTube HERE

Also check out Mj’s Home and Family interview footage with Lee and his wife Jonna Walsh HERE

Read Mj’s Big Blog article HERE

***Be sure and leave a comment =)

Lee DeWyze RadioHead “Creep” cover makes online news!

Lee DeWyze did an moving cover of RadioHeads popular song “Creep” and it’s making news online as well as recieving great feedback and lots of views.

Two popular sites covered the video performance helping it receive even a wider audience: Mj’s Big Blog and… below to link to the articles and please leave comments!! Let them know we appreciate their support!

Mj’s Big Blog HERE or below HERE or below

Lee DeWyze News: Lee DeWyze Still Deciding on a label for spring release (Mj’s Big Blog)

Read the article at Mj’s Big Blog HERE or click below to link:

Go to Mj’s to read this article and leave a comment HERE»>

Lee DeWyze News from MJ’s Big Blog: Lee DeWyze Releases New (Old) Song, Heading to Nashville

Read the post on Mj’s Big Blog HERE or click below: ( Don’t forget to add a comment and let people know how you like the new tune! )

Lee DeWyze performs on Lopez, Lee DeWyze performs on Lopez (This is not a duplicate title)

Lee DeWyze and his band performed Beautiful Like You LATE last night on Lopez Tonight and although I tried to tape it I have an old television (I really need a nice flatscreen!) but luckily someone over at Mj’s Big Blog manage to get this great recording and posted it on (THANK YOU)

As proof I:

A) Stayed up till near 1 am to watch Lee perform B) Need a new HD Flatscreen TV and C) Clearly need to buy a DVR, I am going to go ahead and post the sad video I recorded just in case I could not find it listed.

Here ya go:

This is clearly dedication!

Note: Lee, I am sorry I kept cutting your head off but it was almost 1 am…can you get earlier gigs? I mean you recorded this in what??……the afternoon? =)


Lee DeWyze and band perform “STAY”

More Vintage Lee DeWyze with “Stay” performed with the Lee DeWyze Band for a local show in Chicago prior to American Idol. No question why his career has soared to new heights!

Video via Mj’s Big Blog on here»>

(Pre-Idol) Lee DeWyze and the Lee DeWyze Band Rock “Annabelle” in this awesome footage.

Via:’s Blog Blog

MEMORIES: Lee DeWyze Pre-Idol Video “Princess” from 2009

While I have been composing these compilation video’s I came across some pre-idol video’s of Lee DeWyze performing on what appears to be a local Chicago television show. Anyway, they are beyond AWESOME.

I think this may be my favorite!

Enjoy these treasured Memories!

Via: MJSBIGBLOG/herblo47 on

Lee DeWyze performing “Earth Stood Still” at the WXLO Acoustic Christmas in Worchester, Ma. Lee’s set included Earth Stood Still, Dear Isabelle, Beautiful Like You, Brooklyn Bridge, Sweet Serendipity and Hallelujah (cover) The first five songs are all from his new album "Live It Up" in stores now.

Check out all of the video’s via Mj’s Big Blog Here»>

Great Article and Video’s of Lee DeWyze at HRC on “MJ’s Big Blog”

Lee DeWyze – MIX After 5 Live – Hard Rock Cafe – Chicago

November 29th, 2010 | Author: mj

Lee DeWyze is back home in Chicago to perform a free show for MIX at the Hard Rock Cafe. If you want to follow the action, check out this twitter list.

Lee performed 11 tunes, including his single “Sweet Serendipity”. Plus, he played fan favorite, “Brooklyn Bridge” from his new album Live it Up for the first time.

See the videos after the jump. I’ll keep adding as they pop up.

Video SourcesbfriedopferrenatapodhMandisDrakisAmazingSauce

Videos after the JUMP…

Too see all the Video’s go to MJ’s Big Blog Here»»>

While you are there be sure to subscribe and bookmark Mj’s Big Blog for more Lee DeWyze News!

Lee DeWyze Talks to Vh1 in this Video/Interview

This video via: Mj’s Big Blog at

These photos are posted to MJ’s Big Blog from the CD Release Party for Lee DeWyze (@leedewyze) in New York City tonight. MJ’s Big Blog has 30 photos and several tracks posted on her blog tonight after attending the private concert. For more great stuff on Lee DeWyze (@LeeDeWyze)go here to MJ’s Big Blog»»>

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