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Lee DeWyze at CityWalk LA through the lens of Yolanda Houghton (@YoyoSassy) DON’T MISS THESE AWESOME PHOTOS !! #PhotoCollage

**all photo’s in this grouping are by @YoyoSassy

Lee DeWyze plays the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh through the lens of Emily Kirkpatrick!

Take a look at the photo’s below shot of the Lee DeWyze Acoustic Tour at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh by Emily Kirkpatrick. You can view all of Emily’s phoo’s on Twitpic HERE or click any photo below to link to her gallery:


Lee DeWyze meets with fans @67Grandma and @SidewaysSavage at Altar Bar, Pittsburgh.

Lee DeWyze acoustic show plays the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC (Picture Highlights)

Lee DeWyze rocked the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City tonight with a little help from his friends Lincoln Cleary on keyboard and Aaron Johnson on horns.

Check out photo’s by @Damaelstrom posted to instagram:


Photo on instagram HERE


Photo on instagram HERE


Photo on instagram HERE

Lee DeWyze plays Rockwood Music Hall in New York City through the Lens of @LeeDeWyzeGals!

The Lee DeWyze Acoustic Tour amazed fans at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York last night. Take a look at these awesome performance photo’s taken by @LeeDeWyzeGals (Linda Marie):

With Lee DeWyze and Aaron Johnson before the show!

Stage at Rockwood Music Hall

Lee DeWyze and Aaron Johnson rock the stage!

Lee DeWyze acoustic…there is nothing better!

Aaron Johnson at the Rockwood Music Hall venue in New York!

Highlights of the Lee DeWyze Acoustic Tour in Seattle Washington (Photo’s)

The Venue: Triple Door, Seattle Washington

   A full house at the venue in Seattle (The Triple Door)

Lee DeWyze and Aaron Johnson Sound-Check at Triple Door

On Stage: Lee DeWyze and Aaron Johnson on horns.

Aaron Johnson on Sax

Aaron Johnson plays the clarinet on Lullaby

Lee DeWyze performs “A Song About Love”

Lee DeWyze and Aaron Johnson on stage at the Triple Door

Lee DeWyze during his acoustic tour in Seattle (ScreenCaps)

Lee DeWyze and Lincoln Cleary pre-show in Little Rock Arkansas

Photo via Lee DeWyze on instagram HERE

The Amazing Lee DeWyze through the Lens of Kelly Peet

Take a look at this beautiful photography done by Kelly Peet (@Lees_BiggestFan) at the Lincoln Hal show in Chicago!!

Click on any photo to link to Kelly’s Instagram and be sure to follow her!

A BIG “Thank You” to Kelly Peet for her video’s and photo’s she has shared with us!

Rocking Out-American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze performs for a jammed packed Malibu Inn (Graphic Daily Online-Pepperdine University)

Photo’s: An American Idol Wedding (

Pop reports on Lee DeWyze and Jonna Walsh’s Big Day with photo’s… from HERE or from any photo below:

Photo’s Via

Photo’s: Hell Kitchen Chef’s Table

Lee DeWyze News: Hell’s Kitchen ReCap (UnReality TV)

Read UnReality TV HERE or click below to link:

Loyal fans travel to Branson to watch Lee DeWyze in his final performance with the Idol Finalist Live Show.

In this picture with Lee DeWyze: @2Painters4Lee, @Kendalls4488, @palatineLeefan, @DeWyzeFan6 and @garpods22

Photo by @DeWyzeFan6 HERE

Lee DeWyze on stage in Branson at the Andy Williams Theater

Photo by @DeWyzeFan6 

**Go HERE to view the album on

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The blog has been available on mobile phones because it is hosted on a “tumblr” platform which was customized for mobile viewing. This has been great but as the amount of post and information has increased and the Red Beanie Blog has spread out over other social media sites the answer was to create an app for your phone with the sites in one place.

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Lee DeWyze and Jonna Walsh (Paris)

"We went looking for Quasimodo.:) " ~Jonna Walsh

Via Twitter HERE

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