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(TV Guide) Todays News: Our Take, features Lee DeWyze

Read TV Guide Lee DeWyze News by Robyn Ross HERE or Click Below:

After all this,the 25-year-old has only glowing things to say about the show that helped launch his career. (LA Times Blogs)

The “Ministry of Gossip” from the LA Times Blogs-Lee DeWyze News:

Lee DeWyze opens up about feud with ‘American Idol’ producer Nigel Lythgoe

Read it HERE or click below

Lee DeWyze News from “Popeater” (Behind the Finale Snub)

Read it HERE or click below:

…what you say and do defines who you are as a person. I think people should have a very good idea of who I am. (Lee DeWyze,THR)

Lee DeWyze spoke with Shelly Halperin from The Hollywood Reporter about the recent AI Season 10 Finale Debate. Read the exclusive interview HERE or click below:

Chris Medina…..he’ll be OK without ‘Idol.’ In fact, judging by how they have treated their winner, Lee DeWyze, he may be better off!~Ashley’s reality Roundup (Blog News)

"Ashley’s Reality Roundup" speaks out on Lee DeWyze,American Idol, Season 10 Finale and Chris Medina. Read the blog HERE or click below:

American Idol S10 Finale News (Idol Chatter,Bill Pinella) “If anyone is dissing anyone then Idol is dissing Lee”.

Read the Press Democrat, Idol Chatter (Bill Pinella) HERE or click below:

"It’s all about money, not loyalty" (Lee DeWyze not invited to American Idol 10 Finale)

Read HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze will not perform on Idol Finale: “I’m not the biggest fan of Lee DeWyze, but this is one of the crappiest stunts they have ever pulled”~The Dam Nation

Blogger’s and Press pick up their pens in support of Lee DeWyze…”Shame on you, American Idol”.

Read “The Dam Nation" on the American Idol Season 10 Finale HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze “Way To Idol” (Star World Program, Asia)

Lee DeWyze was interviewed by Star World while in Hong Kong. This program “Way to Idol” is being aired in Hong Kong now.

This is the edited clips of the program as the video of Sweet Serendipity and the American Idol clips in part had to be removed.

Part One (edited)

Part Two

Thanks to @wyzeguysandgals for the video!



Read it HERE»»»

Lee DeWyze had “Good Time” on American Idol

A year ago Lee DeWyze was named American Idol on the very stage he performed his latest single just a few weeks ago. He found the experience a “good time” and much less stressful as a performer than a contestant.

It was DeWyze’s first time back on the Idol stage and he felt the performance went well. He told OK! Magazine, “I want to show people that what I did on the show isn’t what I am doing as an artist.”


Following his performance DeWyze even hung out with the new judges, getting a personal serenade from Steven Tyler. “He sang me a couple of notes of his new single coming out, which was cool,“ he said. “It was pretty awesome. It was surreal.”

As a former contestant it’s not surprising that the current Idol hopefuls had endless questions for the performer. “I know what they are going through and it was cool to give them a little advice,“ he admitted. “Me and Casey Abrams got to talk for a minute. He’s a really cool guy, I liked him a lot. He is definitely the kind of guy I would jam with.”

He also thinks Haley Reinhard has “a lot of potential.”

Check out DeWyze’s debut album Live it Up on iTunes.

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" Lee DeWyze Q&A: EW talks to the ‘American Idol’ champ about this year’s batch, what he’s up to, and defending his season" (EW.COM)

Click on the picture to read the Interview


Lee DeWyze was center stage on the American Idol results show last week performing his second single, “Beautiful Like You” from his “Live It Up” album.

After the show they caught up with Lee for his thoughts on being back on the Idol stage and his thoughts on this years platform with new judges plus some advice for the contestants!

Video Via: American Idol (FOX)

"Aw Lee is such a humble guy"~BumpShack on Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze “Beautiful Like You” On American Idol (VIDEO)

Posted on: March 18th, 2011

 Rita Pereira  

Read it HERE»>

Idol’s season 9 winner Lee DeWyze took over the Idol stage to perform his new single titled “Beautiful Like You” at the American Idol Season 10 live results show on Thursday (March 17)- watch video below.

Lee did incredible. The song is beautiful, but Lee still hasn’t been able to establish himself as a successful recording artist yet. We are crossing fingers for Lee! Love him. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it must be to perform in front of the new judges – it’s like he is being judged again!

2011 American Idol Season 10 Top 13 Finalists Revealed!

Lee left some good advice for the Top 12 contestants, telling them to remember why they tried out in the first place and to not give up on music no matter what happens. Aw. Lee is such a humble guy.

Lee DeWyze “Beautiful Like You On” American Idol Video 

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Read more:

(Review) Lee DeWyze Debuts his second single “Beautiful Like You” on the Idol Stage. Yep,DeWyze is here to stay.

Tonight Lee DeWyze was back on the American Idol stage. This time it was not as a contestant for a critique by the judges but rather as a recording artist debuting his second single from his post Idol CD Live It Up and the judges are you, America. So what did you think?

Take a listen:

As a Lee DeWyze fan I could not have been more proud. I thought Lee was spot on and he looked relaxed and at home on his return to American Idol.

Much speculation had been made in the last few weeks about what DeWyze would release as his second single. Many people thought maybe it would be “Me and My Jealousy” while other’s leaned towards a few of the faster tempo tracks such as “Dear Isabelle”.

I thought perhaps it would be “A Song About Love” which could easily translate to the country charts. As you heard all of the speculation was off and the song was “Beautiful Like You” and I believe it was the perfect song choice.

"Beautiful Like You" showcases DeWyze’s range while highlighting his understated soulful raspy tones. It is like the perfect pair of shoes, a comfortable fit. Written by Thomas Salter and Andy Stochansky and produced by Chris “Rockwell” DeStefano the track is tailor made to fit Lee’s more classic soft rock style. 

After the stellar performance on the Idol Stage Lee DeWyze began trending worldwide on Twitter:


His “Live It Up” album began climbing the Itunes charts and at this writing it is #4 on the Itunes Pop Charts with the single “Beautiful Like You” edging it’s way into the top 100. 

All in all this was a big night for Lee DeWyze and his fans who have stood behind him from as far back as Hollywood week during American idol Season 9. They knew then what others are finding out now and that is that Lee DeWyze has what it takes to be a marketable songwriter with a memorable voice.

Fo anyone who doubted him I think tonight he answered you with a classy performance of a beautiful ballad with the undertone of a message that simply states….. Lee DeWyze will be around for a long while.

~Red Beanie Blog

Lee DeWyze hangs out with American Idol Season 10 contestants today before the big show tonight on FOX!

Photo via YFrog HERE»>

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