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And life is seemingly good for the season nine winner of “American Idol” Lee Dewyze who is officially off the market and a married man.
The idol broke the news through Twitter saying “Beautiful wedding, beautiful girl, just beautiful :) WE’RE MARRIED!”

Beautiful indeed, Dewyze married model Jonna Walsh on Saturday, July 21st.~FOX News

Read more:

Update: It’s a S9 American Idol reunion today at The Hollywood Reporter’s Idol Hangover…watch for the episode later today! (No live stream today)

Due to unforeseen circumstances THR’s “Idol Hangover" will not be streamed live today but will be up on their site later in the day.

Read the details of this special reunion show (Lee DeWyze,Siobhan Magnus and guest host Didi Benami) by going to The Hollywood Reporter HERE or click below:

Checking in with Rocco’s Pop Revolution (Lee DeWyze News)

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Lee DeWyze News from the Daily Evergreen and I will see you soon! Bye for Now!

Lee DeWyze will be performing tomorrow night at Washington State University in Pullman Washington with Colbie Caillat.

Read more about this by clicking on the picture:

I will be attending this concert and with any luck I will bring back some video and pictures for you but in the meantime I will be traveling and off the Internet so my updates will be sporadic.

Until I return have a great time and check out for updates.

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Have fun and see you soon!


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