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Lee DeWyze, the “HEART” of his fandom (Marni Cook Photography)

"For a year,I wrote a whole album without a label. I was writing music just to write music. I wrote it for you guys. Every song."

This Lee DeWyze quote was  posted on Twitter by @MareKatsip and when I read it I realized that it really sums up what makes Lee DeWyze so special and why fans remain endured to him regardless where the road takes him.

This fandom came together three years ago with a common love of Lee DeWyze’s music.They became friends, travel companions,Twitter buddies,Lee DeWyze promoters and though not traditional and no one is related they call themselves “FamiLEE” and at the heart of this is Lee DeWyze.,  

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so take a look at these amazing fans captures taken at the recent Viper Alley show in Chicago by mega fan and photographer Marni Cook @CanadianCookie3) and you will understand……

Visit Cook Photography HERE

Note: Fans came to Chicago from all over the US and one fan flew from Indonesia!

Lee DeWyze sneak peeks his new record by performing a new tune, Don’t Be Afraid

Since the days of Season 9 of American Idol, Lee DeWyze has been greeted by his hometown fans with warmth and affection for their native son. Such was the case Friday night when DeWyze played at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire to a standing room only crowd.

Earlier this month an official press release from DeWyze’s label Vanguard Records announced that a new single “Silver Lining” would be released followed by a new record this summer. With links to an acoustic in-studio video of the new track as well as a recorded studio version, Silver Lining was met with positive reviews from both fans and critics. The recorded track on Vanguards SoundCloud playlist has garnered over 25,000 listens with the YouTube in-studio video closing in on ten thousand views in a little more than a week.

With his new single in tow DeWyze took the stage at Viper Alley Friday night with another peek at his record for the hometown fans who helped earn him the Idol crown just three years ago. The new track titled “Don’t Be Afraid" continues to show the lyrical strength in his new music which is all penned by DeWyze with collaborations with well known industry favorites such as Toby Gad, Drew Pearson, Jim Scott, Matthew Wilder and Phil Allen.

Take a listen to Don’t Be Afraid” captured by Kelly Peet on YouTube HERE…..I think you are going to love it….we did.!!


News: “Lee DeWyze boasts new album, new label and a return to Viper Alley” (Kathleen Danes, Daily Herald)

Lee DeWyze is headed back to his home turf of Chicago and this week he spoke with Kathleen Danes from the Daily Herald about his new music and returning home to play at the trendy Viper Alley in Lincolnshire.

Read the Daily Herald HERE or click below:

Windy City Live, Nina Knows recommends Lee DeWyze at Viper Alley Friday April 19th (Video)

Read Windy City Live HERE or click below:

Lee DeWyze News: Two ‘Idols,’ one goal: a long career in music (Luis Gomez,Chicago Tribune)

Luis Gomez with the Chicago Tribune caught up with former American Idol winner’s Lee DeWyze and Kris Allen for his column “About Last Night

Both DeWyze and Allen will be performing in the Chicago area this weekend.

Don’t miss this great interview! Read it HERE or click anywhere below to link to the Chicago Tribune:

News: Former “Idol” Lee DeWyze Back In Town (Lincolnshire Review,A Chicago Sun Times Publication)

Read the article by Jordan Mainzer HERE or click below to link to the Lincolnshire Review:

Link HERE to read the article in it’s entirety»»

Viper Alley promotional video for upcoming concerts with Lee DeWyze!

Tickets available at 

Video via Viper Alley on YouTube

Lee DeWyze Fans Spread Their Excitement of a Hometown Show

Lee DeWyze will appear for the third year in a row at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire on April 19th at 8 pm. In 2011 DeWyze played the grand opening of the venue and again last year to sold out crowds.

In preparation of Lee DeWyze’s live show in the Chicago area in April two hometown fans are showing their strong support by creating these awesome info cards  below and making time in their own busy schedules to  distribute a poster provided by Viper Alley to local businesses with a goal to fill the venue for the third year in a row with the support and love of his hometown crowd.

(Info cards designed by @DeWyzeFan6)

Designed by Twitter fan @DeWyzeFan6, she and @Magical_Lee have spent the last month spreading the word about this local show with the poster, info cards and online via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This creative and loyal fan duo also have organized a local group who spread the love of DeWyze’s music each summer at the Mount Prospect Block Party in the singers hometown.

(Local Businesses display Lee DeWyze at Viper Alley Poster)

Many thanks to @DeWyzeFan6 and @Magical_Lee and all the Chicago fans who have supported Lee from the beginning on American Idol. Your support and hard work is noted and in the words of DeWyze himself, “Their support is appreciated tenfold. I love those guys and there is nothing better than going home to play a show and see all of them. I am excited”  

(Viper Alley Show Poster)



Lee DeWyze “On the Calendar” ~Chicago Tribune

Lee DeWyze will be playing at the trendy Viper Alley in Lincolnshire on April 19th at 8 pm

Read the Chicago Tribune “On the Calendar” HERE or click below:

NEW SHOW: Lee DeWyze to play Viper Alley on April 19th!

Lee DeWyze will play to his hometown crowd on April 19th at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire,Illinois. Having attended this venue to see Lee live in 2012 I highly recommend you grab your tickets when they go on sale Jan 22nd at Noon CST and head out to Lincolnshire on April 19th!

This is a great venue with an amazing sound system and Lee performs at his best with his hometown fans cheering him on! Great show!!

Take a listen to these awesome video’s from the 2012 show»>

Tickets will go on sale 1/22/2013 HERE

Go HERE or click below for more info:

Beautiful capture of Lee DeWyze at Viper Alley by Cristina Cruz from her photo collage HERE on The Melody Sings Blog!

Check out this awesome Lee DeWyze photo collage by @itsCristiC…click on the photo to see it full size!!


Lee DeWyze at Viper Alley, last March :)

Lee DeWyze covers Gotye’s ever amazing song “Somebody That I Use To Know” at Viper Alley in March.

Video via KjBaum on YouTube HERE

Fans Travel to Branson to see Lee DeWyze at Finalist Live

Sometimes when you do what I do and you are writing and posting online you find yourself wondering if your words and thoughts are going out to the stratosphere. Because of the way social media is set up it’s not hard to link through Twitter and FaceBook but there again there is so much on those sites that you easily can get lost.

In March I had a wonderful experience when I met two Lee DeWyze fans (Mary and Danny) who had come to a fan luncheon before the Viper Alley show because they had read about it on this blog. They actually were not on Twitter at that time. I can’t tell you how heart warming it was to know that I had posted something that had brought two people into the Lee DeWyze fan family! It really made my day and if I am unable to do anything more than that I am happy knowing I was a small part of their journey with Lee.

Last week Mary and Danny made it to Branson to watch Lee in the Finalist Live Show and were nice enough to share some photo’s with us….

Please follow them on Twitter HERE and be sure and say hi…they are warm and awesome people =)

You can see there pictures from Twitpic HERE or click below:

Check out the Red Beanie Blog on Smug Mug….New Gallery up!

Go HERE or click below to link to the new “Lee DeWyze at Viper Alley” gallery on Smug Mug…photo’s and video are uploaded.

(Note the video’s should be in performance order with the exception of “Earth Stood Still” which did not record)

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